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By nealdoan
Went with friends to Palm Springs, California for a golf trip but managed to get a few bird shots while there. Here are a couple of shots from the trip:

My first Say's Phoebe:
ImageSay's Phoebe by Neal, on Flickr

And a Black Phoebe in a Palm Tree:
ImageBlack Phoebe by Neal, on Flickr

Of course lots of Greater Roadrunners around:
ImageGreater Roadrunner by Neal, on Flickr

A Black-chinned Hummingbird:
ImageBlack-chinned Hummingbird by Neal, on Flickr

And while not the greatest shot, a record of my first Vermilion Flycatcher:
ImageVermilion Flycatcher by Neal, on Flickr

Cheers all and happy birding....
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