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At the "point" of Point Roberts is a metal tower with some reflectors and a light atop of it. It's a good location from which to watch for ocean-going birds.

One group of birds is the Cormorant species. They dislike flying over land and will, for example, fly around a jetty to avoid flying over it. At Point Roberts they fly close to the "point" as this shortens their land-avoiding extra distance.

All three local species of Cormorants are present. For example,

Pelagic Cormorant


Double-crested Cormorant


And, even the Brandt's Cormorant

By whanem
Lovely photos. Your information that the "cormorant species" has an aversion to flying over land agrees with my reading about pelagic cormorants, and my observation that they stick to flying over water, hugging the coastline to get where they are going. However double-crested cormorants can and do travel across the country, and can be found in much of southern Canada. I have seen individuals flying across the West End near Stanley Park, and small numbers of them soaring high above the skyline between False Creek and Burrard inlet, appearing to be simply enjoying the updrafts.


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