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By Jdunster
There does not seem to have been a recent 'bird of the month' suggestion so how about swallows and Martens for June. Huge bonus points to anyone who can post a swallow / marten in flight with tack sharp image and good exposure. I don't think I have any that come close to what I want to get when I am going dizzy trying to track, focus, frame and press the trigger all at the same time. Please don't tell us the keeper rate was really high -it will be too depressing. I figure about 1 in 100 is vaguely usable.

Some 'bird on a stick' images and a couple of BIF attempts.

At Reifel....





In Saanich



In the Shetlands
By revs
Good of you to keep it up Julian!

I don't really feel like posting here anymore because frankly, i don't feel the admin wants me here, sad but true.
Doesn't mean everyone else can't have fun though :D
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By zwest
Good call on the swallows.

Yeah, it's one of those things where in order to track it, it needs to be a certain distance from the camera. But when it's at that distance, getting a high-detail, noise-free shot is near impossible.

This is the best I've managed of a Violet-green in flight:


And, while technically not swallows, the Swifts are even more difficult as they never land and are usually higher in the air:

Vaux's Swift

Not sure why I torture myself in this manner... I guess it's kinda fun. :lol:
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By Guyzerr
The F-16's of the bird world....
These are the best inflight shots I've been able to get.

Cliff Swallows
Always the backside. Grrrrr





Tree Swallow


Love this ones attitude...........


This is my favorite shot of a swallow that I have. Beats me why.

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By zwest
MDB8 wrote:
Jun 04 7:54 pm
FWIW, I included a reasonably sharp flying photo of a Tree Swallow in the apparently uninteresting topic below entitled "Spring". Reasonably sharp flying image of a VG Swallow on my Flickr page too.

Not sure what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks, but I realize I’ve missed quite a few threads!
By Jdunster
I realise a typo crept in the original post - so if anyone posts photos of a a flying Marten we can be really amazed.

Flying Martins may be more likely..............
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By zwest
Continuing to pretend that swifts are swallows, I saw some Black Swifts yesterday in Pitt Meadows and this was the best I could muster:


I think to get a decent shot of one of these birds, you actually have to be one.
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By northvanrob
I just got this shot last week at Maplewood mudflats!

ImageTree Swallow male cruising above mudflat by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

This one was at the Burnaby Turf Complex right beside Still Creek.
Swallows of all kinds were swooping over the fields even flying between two people!

ImageBarn Swallow flying fast by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

Maplewood Flats is a good place to see Tree Swallows using nest boxes!

ImageTree Swallow baby by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr
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By nealdoan
Some great shots here, I am almost embarrassed to add any of mine, but here are a few anyway...

This first one I believe is a female (or maybe juvenile) Tree Swallow at Willband Creek Park in Abbotsford...
ImageTree Swallow by Neal, on Flickr

And a couple Tree Swallows having an exchange at Willband Creek Park in Abbotsford...
ImageThe Kiss by Neal, on Flickr

And a Violet-green Swallow, also at Willband Creek Park...
ImageViolet-green Swallow by Neal, on Flickr

And finally a Barn Swallow at Iona Beach...
ImageBarn Swallow by Neal, on Flickr

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