This forum is for posting bird photos and for general discussions in the field of bird photography. Although the site is focused on BC Birding, topics here and photo postings can include birds from around the globe. As well, you are encouraged to include a link to your personal bird photo galleries.
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By SurlyBirdr
Since i am new to the forum i thought i would share some of my recent shots, i would smile more in my posts by the way but half the emoticon smiley faces and not functioning for some reason on here.

Townsend's warbler, Cypress Mountain

Rufous Hummingbird, North Vancouver

Snow Goose, Burnaby Lake

Black-headed Grosbeak, North Vancouver

Willow Flycatcher, North Vancouver

Canada Goose - rarer variant w/ white forehead, Burnaby Lake

Gadwall, Burnaby Lake

Mandarin Duck (probable escapee), Burnaby Lake.

So, i may not think much of the admin here (not going to lie) but i do like the people who post here and that's why i am here.
I talked to former forum member revs about it all but he seems to be carrying too much baggage from the past around him these days and wants nothing to do with this place anymore, i however am brand spanking new here and am open-minded and willing to share with like-minded individuals (big smiley face emoticon).
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By SurlyBirdr
zwest wrote:
Jun 07 1:40 pm
Love the Willow Flycatcher shot! And I'm jealous of your Townsend's Warbler, because I can't find any.
Hit up the local mountains this time of year for Townsend's, my best spots are on Cypress mountain (giving away all my secrets now LOL).
By Keithmac
Very nice Surly, I have had some of the same feelings that you have had and there seems to be less and less interest in the forum but I am going to keep trying. Eventually there may be more appreciation for the efforts that the photographers go through to provide photos for people to enjoy.

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