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Wow, stunning shots Bert! I viewed your flickr photo stream of your trip & faved all (or close to) of them! Since my family is in Winnipeg, I've been doing the trip to Manitoba for several years now & stopping at different spots along the way as well as some regular stops - Grasslands & Chaplin Lake. I thought about stopping at Reed Lake this time, but was under the impression that it was only a lookout platform that you could be on, so passed up on it ... obviously I'll be stopping there next year!
Another good spot in SE Alberta is Pakowki Lake - you never know what you'll see there, its different each time but worth it to check it out.
Debra! Thanks for all of the comments on my Prairies Road Trip album. The birding was so good around Reed Lake that I spent a total of 8 days there. One bird that eluded me was the Hudsonian Godwit. I was informed of 7 or 8 Hudsonians at Whitewater Lake, Man. but it turns out they were all Marbled!! Even the experts can be fooled! lol
Great pics - I'm from Saskatoon and love the prairie birding when I go back! Wish I had done more when I was there...

Is your "unknown sparrow" another vesper? The eye-ring makes me think that.

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