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By featherweight
Here are some recent shots from this week at Burnaby Lake & last week, a quick stop in the Okanagan on my way back from my annual road trip east to visit family.
Had to get this gorgeous Mandarin Duck, since like Paul only managed very distant shots of one years ago at Colony Farm!
ImageMandarin Duck by featherweight2009, on Flickr
Here's my most recent Black-headed Grosbeak also from Burnaby Lake - a bit further away then I'd like.
ImageBlack-headed Grosbeak by featherweight2009, on Flickr
I know this is just a Cowbird, but I like his attitude
ImageBrown-headed Cowbird by featherweight2009, on Flickr
From the Okanagan:
ImageLazuli Bunting by featherweight2009, on Flickr
First unobstructed shot of this guy!
ImageBullock's Oriole by featherweight2009, on Flickr
First shot ever of his partner!
ImageBullock's Oriole, female by featherweight2009, on Flickr
ImageEastern Kingbird by featherweight2009, on Flickr
ImageCalifornia Quail by featherweight2009, on Flickr
Thanks for looking! :D
Nice set, Debra. I lucked onto the Mandarin Duck early in the morning prior to its presence being well known. Very nice images (so close I had to unzoom) in the morning sun at:

And FWIW, last year a pair of Bullock's nested quite close to the parking lot at Grant Narrows. No more than 100 meters down the path by the lake. Upon an early arrival on my part I caught the female foraging in the parking lot, hopping onto truck beds, trailer hitches, etc.

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