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In a recent post, SurlyBirdr stated
" . . . since new management took over operating Grant Narrows its gone downhill (to put it nicely), can someone please tell the operators that there is more involved than just renting out canoes?"
I have also heard similar complaints from others.
The Katzie people who run the canoe rental have NOTHING to do with the Nature Trail: it is not their responsibility. I believe the Nature Trail is part of the Pitt-Addington Wildlife Area, which is under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Wildlife Service(?). Any maintenance on the Nature Trail is likely contracted out.
Carlo in Cloverdale.
And years ago it was maintained, and now it's not.
I did notice canoes almost blocking the entrance last time i visited.
All i did was put two and two together, not fanning any flames just stating the obvious.

Sniffing around the internet i found this snippet -
"Katzie First Nation will finally get control of operations at what used to be Grant Narrows Regional Park.
The province confirmed it will issue the Pitt Meadows-based band a license before Canada Day that will allow it to maintain the “Pitt-Addington Recreation Site,” charge fees for parking and boat launching, set up a canoe rental and concession stand, as well as regulate and enforce the uses on the site, including security.

Back-country trails will still be maintained by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operation."

So i guess the real question is - is the nature trail a "back-country trail" or is it an integral part of the walking path that runs along the lake and towards the furthest viewing tower and back to parking lot?
I don't care who maintains it by the way, just as long as its maintained for the benefit of all who use that area.

First time i ever met Rocko (almost 12 years ago) was on that trail, i asked him and the other young fella he was with where i could find the Gray catbirds they had just mentioned seeing, of course birders don't always tell you everything and eventually i found out where the catbirds were located on my own.
As well, the first "rare bird" i ever found was a Black-throated Sparrow, on that nature trail.
Sorry if i have love for that particular path, its just sad to see it in disarray.
Some years ago I met a person who was contracted by the Ministry to upgrade the trail, which had become gullied in several places. A Bobcat machine was brought in to repair eroded sections. There was some intent to clear, widen, and smooth out the trail, but the fellow I talked to held back, and chose to effect the minimum amount of disruption to the terrain. (Old-timers may recall a small wooden footbridge along the trail, which was removed as part of this work). His reasoning was that if the trail were significantly opened up, it would just invite hordes of doggers, cyclists, and kibitzers to use it. I think we should be thankful that this has not happened. IMHO, the trail is is not in bad shape, just a tad overgrown and could use some more regular trimming. It has ALWAYS been somewhat overgrown by summer, such that after a rain one was certain to get thoroughly soaked by the vegetation leaning into the trail.
Carlo, aka Rokman, aka Rocko
It's the long weekend and i am listening to some good tunes, so ask me now and i say it doesn't really matter, what happens happens with it, if it gets groomed one day great, if not so be it, i can find those nature trail birds elsewhere most of the time.
Carlo is right that it does get more overgrown in summer, i guess if i ever attempt again it will be in early spring.

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