This forum is for posting bird photos and for general discussions in the field of bird photography. Although the site is focused on BC Birding, topics here and photo postings can include birds from around the globe. As well, you are encouraged to include a link to your personal bird photo galleries.
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By Dragonspeed
The superb starling is everywhere, seemingly, but still is a pleasure to see. I always joke that it's not just a nice bird, it's SUPERB :)
Superb Starling
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

The lesser flamingo usually hangs out in more caustic environments that make it hard to get a good shot... This one was part of a group hanging out in somewhat less alkaline water, for a change
ImageLesser Flamingo by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

Very stately Norhern white-crowned Shrike
Northern White-crowned Shrike
by Brian Hampson, on Flickr

I hope you enjoy. The Serengeti National Park has over 530 species of birds and Tarangire National Park has over 550! I think I've seen about 125 of them. - only.

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