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By nealdoan
I am hoping that 2019 will be a good year for me for birding and that I can get out more than in 2018. It started out well for me on New Year's Day when I happened upon a little warbler at Mill Lake and took a quick shot. Not being 100% sure of what it was, I sought some advice from my friend Melissa and it turned out to be a Cape May Warbler, a rarity for our area and I am told the first observation of one in SW BC. I passed on the news and soon our quiet park was full of birders anxious to see and photograph it. Fortunately it was not too shy and many got great pics. While the ones I took pale in comparison to many others I have seen, thought I would share a couple here.

ImageCape May Warbler by Neal, on Flickr

ImageCape May Warbler by Neal, on Flickr

I also lucked out in having a Cooper's Hawk pose a bit for me out at Blackie Spit one day:

ImageCooper's Hawk by Neal, on Flickr

I haven't had much luck with Pied-billed Grebes in the past, but again found one who didn't immediately swim away:

ImagePied-billed Grebe by Neal, on Flickr

And finally got a few decent Anna's Hummingbird shots in January:
ImageAnna's Hummingbird by Neal, on Flickr

Last year I challenged myself to see 100 species of birds locally in the first 100 days of they year and just managed to do it on the last day. Hoping to do better this year and I have 70 already in the first month. Happy Birding all....

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