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Steely wrote:
May 30 6:27 pm
Finally arrived near Road 22 North of Osoyoos. Traffic is a monster, so getting a good shot is a challenge. Now I know they are back I will try to get more opportunities with them.

Nice shot, Ian! I was down there last week and didn't see anything new to add to my list. Really enjoy Road 22.
I'll take those pictures, Zach, especially since it keeps the Big Year moving. lol. I was out early this morning over at Robert's Lake ... I captured photos of several species but when I checked the list you had already posted them. lol. First time seeing (and photographing) a Virginia Rail. I saw a Marsh Wren, too. Several others. I did, however, manage to get one that wasn't on our list yet! An Eared (Black-necked) Grebe! Woo hoo. I'll try to get a better shot ... I saw several there but they were too far away.


That red eye is evil-looking ...
zwest wrote:
Jun 08 2:15 pm
I saw a pair of MacGillivray's Warblers today, but they were too fast for me. I'll have to try again another day...

On the bright side, this Sooty Grouse was much more accommodating.
They are both nice birds! I'll try for the MacGillivray's as well ... south of here. Excellent work ... although we are slowing down, we are still adding birds. We still need a few more people (preferably from up north. lol)
PedroSany wrote:
Jun 09 5:48 am

Took a picture of this one not so long ago. It was enjoying the view I guess.
Hi Pedro! Nice picture ... this is a Hermit Thrush. If you can, please identify the bird and location where picture was taken. Also, for ease of counting, please check out the list of birds already captured -- we already have a Hermit Thrush ...
Lol. Awesome picture Zach and the excitement of a lifer! Excellent. Those are hard to photograph ... nice work! I’m in Nelson this week and, to my surprise, I was able to add a few birds to my list for the year on the way here ... Lewis Woodpecker, Eastern Kingbird, Lazuli Bunting (male). I was also able to add a bird while Mountain Biking ... the long missing Stellar’s Jay! Haha. Here are a couple of photos ...


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