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zwest wrote:
Oct 03 6:40 pm
Nice to virtually meet you James!

Wow, 1975! I've actually got a photo of myself and my sisters birding that year! :lol:

I was born in the Cariboo region of B.C. but did some time in the prairies as well (too cold). I came to Vancouver in '93 to study music at UBC, but eventually ended up in the software industry as a programmer/nerd which is what I'm doing now.

I actually 'discovered' birds only a couple of years ago when I was out photographing aircraft near YVR. I still enjoy both and rarely miss a local airshow... especially love the WW2 era planes. But birds are a truly year-round phenomenon and they keep me busy through the winter months!
hahaha. That's too funny! Excellent pic! That was definitely a nice thing about being in the AF ... I saw quite a few of the older aircraft as well as new. Oh, and I have two computer science degrees so I know about the software side. Now I make music for a hobby. 8)
zwest wrote:
Oct 05 3:45 pm
I was out at Iona Regional Park earlier today looking for the rare Brown Booby that has been seen for the last few weeks. No luck on that, but I did get to watch some Parasitic Jaegers:
Great! That Brown Booby would have been a nice add ... cool that someone saw it up there!
I haven't seen those Jaegers before ...
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