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zwest wrote:
Jun 23 3:59 pm
It's getting tougher!

This morning it was cool & cloudy which means... Swifts! Here is the long-awaited Black Swift:
You're not kidding! haha. It is getting tougher ... nice picture, though. Great add ... heading out this week early to see if I can add a couple of woodpeckers up at a higher elevation. Still looking for that better turkey picture. :mrgreen:
zwest wrote:
Jun 26 7:56 pm
And to complement Judy's nice shot of the Barn Owl, here is one from today (laughing at my jokes):
That is a great shot of that owl! Wow. It definitely looks like he/she is laughing away. I had a great outing yesterday but no new birds. I will try this week for some upper altitude birds (woodpeckers, etc) ... was a little under the weather last week ... and the weather was a little under too. haha.
zwest wrote:
Jul 04 8:28 pm
Not much left around here now that isn't already on the list... :lol:

But here is a Semipalmated Sandpiper from this evening at Boundary Bay:
Nice one! That's the problem I'm running into ... I have to forage farther afield now. haha. Haven't made it up to higher elevation like I wanted yet, but will in the next few days to see if I can add a few more ... Clark's Nutcracker would be nice ... three-toed, downy, and other woodpeckers. Saw a downy the other day but couldn't quite snap the photo in time.
Well ... we are at 232 birds! Wow! Way to go ...
I know I count as our upper limit 536 (as mentioned in Russell Canning's Book, Birdfinding in British Columbia), however I think a more realistic goal is 300 birds.

That will be stretching the limit unless someone is going for a birding big (photo) year and can contribute a few more to this blog! haha.


I was tipped off to this thread by a visitor who stayed at my place in Nelson a couple of weeks back. As far as I can tell from the list, it looks like there are a few I can add (all seen in BC in 2019), although my photographic skills fall way short of the majority who post here, sorry about that. But, for the record:

Northern Waterthrush


Tennessee Warbler


MacGillivray's Warbler


Horned Lark


Bohemian Waxwing


Dusky Grouse


Ruffed Grouse


American Three-toed Woodpecker


Least Flycatcher


Don't think I have any dupes, apologies if I am not reading the previous posts correctly.

I agree with Ian, Rio! Great adds ... I'm going to have to update the list now. I was out for a big swing yesterday to try and add to the list--out of 40 birds, I saw one to add but you beat me to the punch! The Ruffed Grouse ... I'm gonna add a couple shots (just because). haha. Very nice! We may get to 300 yet ...

My wife and I walked around a corner in the trail at White Lake basin and he was there displaying ...
Image (White Lake basin)

He started to realize we were behind him and made a beeline to some cover.

I quietly walked over and saw him hiding ... snapped a couple of photos and then left him alone.
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