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I was recently in New Zealand and took the Albatross Encounters tour out of Kaikoura. A great way to see these magnificent birds up close and personal ... watching all of these birds soaring was amazing.

Wandering Albatross. No zoom lens required. lol.

Salvin's Albatross. Probably my favorite of the Albatross I saw. I saw the Royal and the White-capped but only ok photos.


Giant Petrel.

Cape Petrel.
zwest wrote:
Apr 12 7:52 pm

I still haven’t seen an albatross... must do a pelagic soon.
I'd like to do a BC one ... I went out on a friend's sailboat near Seattle and was able to get some Auklets/Murres/etc. I did a boat trip from Uculet but it wasn't a birding trip ...
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