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Since the other challenge is slowing down as we get down to the "hard to find" birds I thought I would post a new challenge: "BC Birds with Bugs" ... This is for pictures of Birds with food ... I called it bugs, but it can be anything they've caught or are holding. Here's my first post ... Black-capped Chickadee with a Cicada. The only stipulation would be a BC bird ... doesn't matter which year. This is just for fun!

Now here's 1 that I can get into!

An American Robin with not only some bugs, but worms as well! I actually have quite a few photos of Robins with worms but I will show some restraint and post only this one :mrgreen:.
ImageAmerican Robin by Jewill on Flickr

A Barred Owl with what's left of a black squirrel.
ImageBarred Owl by Jewill on Flickr

A Male Northern Flicker with a beak full of suet.
ImageNorthern Flicker (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

And finally a Northwestern Crow with a clam.
ImageNorthwestern Crow by Jewill on Flickr

I have many more but I will hold off until I see other posts - I don't want to hog the topic.
This my most recent bird with a bug photo!

Cliff Swallow feeding juvenile a yellow Mayfly

ImageCliff Swallow adult feeding juvenile a mayfly by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

A Yellow-rumped Warbler about to catch a Bumble Bee

ImageYellow-rumped Warbler male chasing Bumble Bee by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

American Dipper with a Sea Slater in it's bill

ImageAmerican Dipper with isopod by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr
Finally got a few minutes to put up a few to keep this thread moving. It's an interesting one and seeing what is going into the mouths of our subjects gives us insight into their habits. Some of these are taken yesterday and some are from a while back...

Eastern Kingbird tossing dinner to get a better angle for entry...

Down the hatch...

Canyon Wren with more than he can chew...

Lark Sparrow near Vaseux Lake

Mountain Bluebird on Anarchist Mtn.

House Wren with who knows what...

Yellow-headed Blackbird with an aquatic insect in Oliver

Western Tanager gleaning a meal from the leaves at Haynes Point

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