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I was in Kampala last fall and managed to get out to the wetlands and try and a find a Shoebill. Got lucky because not so many around these days. Rocking boat gave me a little trouble shooting freehand but sure liked seeing that bird. Let me shoot a few clips then was up and away across the Bay. Lots of bird species there, some are in this video as well, including a Goliath Heron. Very peaceful environment there, beautiful too.

The music is "Find Shelter In Nature's Arms" Performed By The African Tribal Orchestra and composed by my friend Heiko Streicher. The music license has been granted courtesy of Heiko.

Thank you Rob. I was very lucky that day, and had a good guide, too. Another 10 minutes and I would not have seen it at all. I have been told by locals that you can count the number of Shoebills in the bay on both hands.
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