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So far, we are at 250 birds for the year! Way to go everyone!
Here's the link to the list: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16511&start=15

Last year, we ended up with about 272 ... so about 22 more birds. So far this year, we've seen 20 birds we didn't photograph last year. That means we are short 42 birds from last year ... I'm including the list below of "missing" birds. If anyone has a photo of any of these birds from this year, please include it in our list! I'm hoping to find that elusive Turkey still ... lol. Maybe a couple of more owls/etc. Almost down to the last month! Thanks again to everyone who has participated!
--- "Missing Birds" --- :mrgreen:
Crossbill, White-winged
Duck, Long-tailed
Eagle, Golden
Finch, Cassin's
Flycatcher, Least
Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray
Godwit, Bar-tailed
Grebe, Red-necked
Grouse, Dusky
Grouse, Ruffed
Grouse, Spruce
Gull, Glaucous
Gull, Herring
Gull, Iceland (Thayer's)
Hawk, Swainson's
Hawk: Sharp-shinned
Loon, Pacific
Loon, Red-throated
Loon, Yellow-billed
Merganser, Red-breasted
Night Heron, Black-crowned
Owl, Northern Hawk Owl
Owl, Northern Saw-whet
Owl, Short-eared
Partridge, Gray
Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper, Stilt
Scaup, Greater
Scoter, White-winged
Sparrow, Chipping
Swan, Trumpeter
Swift, White-throated
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Common
Thrush, Dusky
Turkey, Wild
Warbler, Cape May
Warbler, Tennessee
Waxwing, Bohemian
Woodpecker, American Three-toed
Wren, Rock
Well, ask and you shall receive! I didn't realize we still needed these 2. That was a good idea to list the "missing" birds. If it ever stops raining here I should be able to get a couple more on the list (I won't name them in case someone else gets them first!).
The recent adds by Zach and you James are just outstanding. The Northern Mockingbird, Rough-legged Hawk and Northern Pygmy Owl are particulary nice.

ImageRed-necked Grebe by Jewill on Flickr
It's in non-breeding plumage but what are you going to do this late in the year?

ImageRed-breasted Merganser (Female) by Jewill on Flickr
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