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Green-winged Teal

Posted: May 10 6:54 am
by GlennBartley
I hadn't been doing much shooting at all during the pandemic. But the arrival of spring and also of a new camera (Canon R5) has inspired me to get back out in the field.

The new camera is really impressive FYI! If anyone is interested I posted some of my thoughts here -




Re: Green-winged Teal

Posted: May 14 6:57 am
by BirdingBC
Thanks for sharing Glenn. The Canon R5 does seem to be a good choice for bird photography.
Enjoyed your review.

Cheers and good birding,

Re: Green-winged Teal

Posted: May 16 7:09 pm
by Jigme

It’s gorgeous. Been away from site for awhile. Looking forward to seeing more.