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By Sozo
With this massive snowfall and deep freeze on, my Christmas was still blessed, I hope that yours was as well.

Christmas Day a Dark Eyed Junco finally came up to eat off of my side view mirror!
I’ve been feeding he or she and their many compatriots here for months and while the Chickadees and Stellers Jays have no problem hopping up onto the mirror for a feed the Junco’s never would, choosing to eat only what I tossed on the ground, finally one did hop onto the mirror Late Christmas morning.
He was an misshapen little beauty, he had been groundfeeding for about 3 months and from the beginning it was clear that he had either been injured or was deformed. His right wing was always somewhat extended and his left didn’t fit snugly either. One side of his tiny proud breast was bulged out and he had a hitch in his breath, appearing to breathe heavily and rock on his feet all the time.
He was however still able to come feed in the mornings. Unlike the rest of his hoppy, argumentative friends (they who know Junco’s get that) he would pick out a spot and sit down, tucking in right there until he had to move to get more.
By Christmas day’s eve he had stayed almost all day on the mirror, keeping me company and pecking away, even letting me place with my fingers some new seed right beside him with only a little flinch which was cool but I could see that his breathing was not right.
He stayed late, still eating and flew away after dark. I wondered if he would return.
Yesterday he came back and went to his favourite spot on the ground, as soon as I saw him I put some seed on the mirror and he jumped right up. We spent much of the day together again only now he hopped into my offered hand. I spent the day hand feeding him, after a couple trips he was content to sit there, me incrementally adding more seed as he exhausted it.
After about half an hour he let me bring my hand into the car and that way we sat until evening.
After a slight, sudden move from me he flitted to the mirror, as it was now after dark I assumed that he was going to fly away but he didn’t. He just sat there with his rough breathing and looking at me so I placed more seed into my hand and he hopped back into the car and kept feeding.
Knowing that last nights -32 wind chill was coming I decided to keep him in the car for warmth as I didn’t think he would make the night (don’t worry, I asked first) and rolled up the window.
He did lightly flutter at the window for a bit before hopping onto the dash and eating the seed I placed for him there.
Then he explored the car fo a bit before settling down beside me for a nap. In the morning he was fast asleep, my noise didn’t even wake him.
I cupped him gently in my hands and he woke up and I brought to his mouth the little improvised food and water dishes with seed and crushed peanut an the cap full of water.
He did eat some, drink a little and then hopped onto my lap and went back to sleep.
He died 5 minutes later in the warm breeze of my heater and gentle petting.

I am nigh inconsolable whilst writing this, my Christmas gift died, but it was going to from the start.
Perhaps a little blessing from my King, both for Joy’s sake and understanding of the day that I just celebrated.

A most wonderful new year to you all.

By Sozo
Appreciate the reply, thank you. I know it’s silly to get worked up over a Junco but he was a fixture for months and I had been rooting for him heh.
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