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By Slabs
..but with one major redeeming feature: IT WAS TAKEN OUT OUR BEDROOM WINDOW!

I went for a run just now (the Sun Run is getting awfully close and I am still in dreadful shape!!) and as I was walking/stumbling/shambling back into our complex, I saw this Bald Eagle settle in a tree in the neighbouring townhouse complex. The best view I could get was from our bedroom window: turns out it was about 45m from our bedroom window as the crow flies (based on accurate observation of the one dive-bombing the eagle in the photograph… actually no: I used a laser rangefinder!).

Conditions were very poor (lots of intervening branches/twigs messing up the autofocus, serious backlighting from the overcast, not much light due to same overcast etc). On top of that I only got 3 shots before the eagle got too annoyed with the continuous harassment of 3 crows and flew off. So this really is not a quality shot of a bird: just a memento of something unusual.

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