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Hello everyone;

I am in the market for a Canon 400 f/5.6 prime lens, because I'm going to Australia this December, and really want a quality lens to document well what I see Down Under. Now that this trip is only two and a half short months away, buying a new one is almost out of the question, for it's an expensive lens!

Case in point is, do any of you know of anyone who is selling a used copy of this lens, or know of any good retailers?

Thank you very much, and I would really appreciate it!!! :D

Logan - In desperate measures trying to find a used Canon 400 f/5.6!
Just searching on Craigslist, so far is this

Canon EF 300mm f4L IS Lens with EX 2X Extender - $1050

B&H has a sale $1,239.00 ... focus.html

You could also rent from a camera store, it will be cheaper.

Finally Kerrisdale Cameras has the Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM

for $999.00.

Just some ideas.
Hi Logan,

I bought mine off of eBay. I know it doesn't sound like the best place to buy but if you get it from someone with a good seller rating and there are photos of all parts of the product (glass and everything) then you should be fine. You can literally save more than $300 on this lens by buying off of eBay, and when it comes to the big 500mm and 600mm you can save thousands.
Logan, I highly recommend looking at Adorama in the USA. Look at the used lens department. They presently have 3 used ones there...priced from $949 to $1099. If you buy there they have a shipping feature that takes care of everything for you so you don't have to pay anything more when you receive your lens. The extra you would pay for shipping and taxes is about $93. I have bought many items from them and I think its the best way to get what your are looking for for a decent price. They also have a warranty you can purchase if you like that can be also used world wide. I have also purchased this warranty with a number of my items. They also have a great return policy. These are also priced better than eBay typically.

Looking at the 3 lenses I would recommend at least the on rated "E" which is a very good used rating. The cheap one is rated "V" which I wouldn't go for. Good luck!!!

Word of caution when buying off of Ebay. A pawn shop out here has an ebay account with a good seller rating. Unfortunately, they've been selling my stolen gear. Because I am able to verify serial numbers match, theoretically, the buyer would have to return the items to the seller and the seller in turn to the police. It'd suck if you were to buy off of ebay only to find out the lens is hot and have to return it.
Yah never bought any lenses off ebay or adorama, just craigslist, and bought my pana 100-300mm new.! Maybe Ebays not best place, Adorama sounds a bit better! Doubt that the camera shops would have a used Canon 400mm f5.6. Most of there used lenses are Tamrons or Sigma Zoom lenses.
The Canon 300mm f 4is seems pretty good with a 2x converter for $1050 craigslist. Whether you get great pics all the time w the 2x converter on with it isnt so important, it'll be like a scope with that length to see new birds!. Just need good light with a 2x converter. n if light sucks and your close 100mm wont kill you n youll have a stop better than f5.6. Plus its (IS) the 400mm f5.6 has no is. I know the 400mm f 5.6 has become the staple for young photographers on this site such as Liron,Becke, Alice, sure theres other ppl with that lense I left out. N there pics are pretty great, but every lense has its ups n downs. In dark forests youll be happy with the F4. Remember hearing Paul talk about how on his trip in the forests he had his 1.4 TC on his 500mm f4, n all the images came up too dark, so he took off his TC and had great success.
Olympus13 wrote:The Canon 300mm f 4is seems pretty good with a 2x converter for $1050 craigslist. Whether you get great pics all the time w the 2x converter on with it isnt so important, it'll be like a scope with that length to see new birds!. Just need good light with a 2x converter.
Although that is indeed a good deal, keep in mind you won't have autofocus if you use a 2x on the 300mm f4, on most bodies anyways. To get autofocus with the 300mm and a 2x you have to be using a pro body like the 1DX.
Thank you for your input, everybody! If I can indeed afford the lens before I depart, I think I will go the Adorama route. It is a great deal, and the discount applies to Canada fortunately. I also like the good reviews the site has received. :P

Have a great evening!

Logan :D
Yah I agree Kameko Ideally the 1.4 TC would be the best route! But that wasn't on the bargaining table of lenses being sold, N yes Liron F5.6 is the top mark for AF function, even PRo bodies apparently have troubles at F8, its not ideal, but manual focus or no focus? I'll take MF! But yah I agree with you Logan Adorama and saved $$$ on the 400mm f5.6 is a good idea!

Honestly I got a 50-200mm f2.8-F.3.5 and in open good light with a 2TC at F7 it works pretty good as long as your not in the trees for Autofocus, it hunts though. Ahh I want a 300mm f 4 for Olympus lol, with there 1.4 Tc that way I'll get 840mm focal length f5.6 for auto focus and speed. Going to cost all my legs when it does come out!
Make sure that the company Adorama uses for shipping doesn't have outrageous brokerage fees. I know you would only be getting one item, but it can be quite substantial. Has somebody here ordered from Adorama that can provide any insights from their experience. It just sucks to have an extra cost that you weren't anticipating.

Good luck with your purchase, Logan! I know you and your mom will have an amazing time in Australia. It's definitely on my list of places of go at some point - so many cool birds and other wildlife there!

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