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By revs
WeatheredFeather wrote:Okay... now I just can't stop thinking up fun birding shirts. :lol:

There's a couple more to check out, if you like. (I just want them for myself, so if there is any profit, I'll be donating to O.W.L Rehabilitation Society.) This is just too fun! :D
Very cool, one of my east coast bro's who goes by the name punkrockbigyear was chatting with me last time we birded together about putting a very similar line of shirts out based on the ornithological codes we use for birds ie. TUDU (Tufted Duck), don't know how far along he got with his project but i approve of anyone willing to create "cool" birding shirts, just might buy one or two myself :)

Today is the last day to get the "Birder" shirt, only two more needed to sell to reach the quota. The other two will be there for a bit longer. It looks like the "fitz-bew" will be going to print for sure too! This was so fun, my brain is already thinking up more shirts! :D

Thanks so much to everyone who bought one! I'll be heading out to O.W.L. with the donation once the rescue mare has foaled and I can travel again. :wink:
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