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By Slabs
Taken this morning on the Richmond western dyke between Francis and Blundell.


EDIT: On second thoughts: looks more like it could be a Sharp Shinned Hawk?
By rawalker
My initial thought was Cooper's based on the relatively small appearing eye and sharp streaking. These obviously are notorious for being tough to tell apart. Any comments about why this is sharp-shinned or opinions from others?
By bird99
I think this is a Coopers, because of the thin dark streaking on the belly, and the larger beak, also the tail end appears to be rounded, but this isn't necessarily reliable for IDing. Lastly its build is quite husky whereas a sharp-shinned would have a more petite appearance.

By ogopogo

interesting comment about the eyes: COHA intense, SHSH bug-eyed.
here's a COHA looking intense while eating. does anyone have a close eye shot of a SHSH to test the bug-eyed theory?
By snow01
Ha Ha, great funny Video :lol:,
P.S sorry about the wrong identification.
By rawalker
birdergirl wrote:It is indeed an immature Cooper's for the reasons you both mentioned above.

Here is something to make everyone in this thread laugh:

That video's great! They could also make one for empids and for the spring mystery birds that are juvenile European starlings! ;)
By ogopogo
a SHSH with bug eyes is on WN gallery, birds, today (also a close flight shot in her back yard), photos by laurie harvey.

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