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Hi there

I will be in the S Okanagan at the end of May this year and MacGillivray's Warblers have been evading me for years in the Okanagan and I'm really looking to find one this year. Just wondering if there are any guaranteed spots or really good spots for them?

Northern Waterthrush and Redstarts are also on my list!

Hi Paul,
Not sure if you had any luck in May in finding the MacGillivray's Warbler. They are tough little guys to spot. If you are in the area again (in that time frame or a little later), you might try the Lake Vaseux Bird Observatory. Here's the link for the location: ... 19.5443968

This is where the conservancy has been netting and tagging these song birds (not sure they are doing it this year (2019)). My wife and I stopped through there and watched them tag one of the little fellas in August (if I remember correctly). Here's a fuzzy photo:

As for the Northern Waterthrush -- not sure. However, it would be a stretch to see the American Redstart in this area. I think you'll have to be over in the Kootenays to really have a chance at that one! Hope this helps and sorry for the late reply.
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