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Good afternoon birders!

I am from the UK and in Vancouver until the end of the year.
Something on my bucket list is to see and hear a Loon. Ideally in a lake setting opposed to shore.

Any lakes in the lower mainland which someone can confirm of their activity?

I read somewhere that this is a good time of year for some inland Loon action?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.
Hi Alex,
I saw one on Lake Okanagan about a week ago near Peachland ... if you have time for a drive through the Okanagan Valley -- and you are interested in other birds ... you could drive over from Vancouver through Keremeos ... several lake opportunities through there ... then across to Osoyoos and follow 97 up to Kelowna ... you'll be driving along the lake for quite awhile there ... plus you can pop in to some small lakes if you see some report on e-bird ... then cruise back to Vancouver ... might be worth an overnight (weekend trip) or something. Just a recommendation. You could really add some bird totals as well ...
Hi again, Alex.
My wife and I went kayaking on Beaver Lake (near Lake Country) today ... we saw probably 4 or 5 different loons (and one pair). Beaver Lake Resort rents out kayaks / canoes / etc. Might be worth a look! (photos taken without falling out of kayak ... worth some credit! haha)
(oh, I should say, it was quiet enough that we heard them two or three times ... )



Is this a herring gull?

I sure have a lot to learn.

Yes, gulls are challenging to ID. Thanks.

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