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Very nice, Ian! Love that little bird. Since I haven't been able to go out ... the birds keep coming to me! haha.
Here's an American Robin ...

Also, the California Quail like to cruise around my backyard too ...
stumblingpiper wrote:Since I haven't been able to go out ... the birds keep coming to me! haha.
I hear you about the birds coming to you James! My patio backs on to a beautiful green space with a creek, lots of trees and a variety of different birds. I was having a coffee out there a while ago (January 17 to be exact) when I saw a weird looking sparrow perched in one of the trees. When I raised my camera and got him in focus I was pleasantly surprised to find an American Tree Sparrow! It's so nice when the birds come to you, especially the relatively rare ones.

ImageAmerican Tree Sparrow by Jewill on Flickr

ImageWestern Meadowlark by Jewill on Flickr

And in keeping with my both sexes in one shot theme:
ImageRing-necked Duck (Male & Female) by Jewill on Flickr

Love the Lesser Goldfinch Ian and Pygmy Nuthatch James - 2 birds that I most likely will never get on my list.
Let's see some other people participating in this challenge (Zach where are you?) Personally, I find it really helps to see these beautiful photos and be reminded of how spectacular nature is, especially being cooped up in the house all day!
Hey guys - nice work so far! I'm mostly sitting at home these days and (hopefully) avoiding plague, but I did get some interesting birds earlier in the year.

On New Year's Day, I saw this Gyrfalcon in Maple Ridge (lifer!):

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Welcome, Zach! ... and great additions. Y'all are killing me ... of our 28 or so birds, 6 of the ones y'all have added I still have on my 'to see' list! haha. American Tree Sparrow, Snow Bunting, Gyrfalcon, Goshawk, Marbled Murrelet, and Surfbird.

When all of this hullabaloo fades away, I'm coming over to the Delta for a little birding ... Oh, and Ian, I'll be down your way again pretty soon ...
Nice photos Zach - welcome back! I think we're all trying to avoid the plague, and personally I'm getting just a little antsy with sitting at home so much. I might have to take James' idea and go out in my car but still keep a good social distance from everyone else.

Here's the last of my pics of a pair together - well so far this year.

ImageBufflehead (Male & Female) by Jewill on Flickr

One of the regulars from the greenspace out back.

ImagePileated Woodpecker (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

And this guy regularly puts on spectacular hunting displays in the field next to OWL in Delta. His mate is there too, but I can't get a picture of them together (oh, well :roll:).

ImageNorthern Harrier (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

Finally, I hope this is still within the rules - he's definitely not a BC bird, but the picture was taken in BC (Piper Spit at Burnaby Lake Regional Park). I don't think he was included in last year's count which surprises me since he is quite the local celebrity. Anyway, I haven't seen him for quite some time now, actually since this picture was taken in January, so I hope he's just spending time with his girlfriend (a female Wood Duck) and that nothing bad has happened to him.

ImageMandarin Duck (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

Thanks for looking everyone...please keep the pictures coming.
Nice to see the sea and coastal birds coming in as the best I can do with these are likely to be coastal birds on a vacation to the sunny interior!
Here are a couple of new pics, although a few are repeats as we get rolling here. There are definitely more different species we have seen here including Osprey and Magpies but haven't managed any good photos yet...

Belted Kingfisher near Oliver yesterday.

Hairy Woodpecker on Anarchist Mountain

Mountain Bluebird near Vaseux Lake

Pygmy Nuthatches just chillin' near OK Falls

Keep them rolling in!
Just went through my January photos and found some more. :P

American Dipper, Maple Ridge

Redhead (female), Cloverdale

Sandhill Cranes at Reifel Sanctuary

Prairie Falcon, Pitt Meadows

Tundra Swans, Pitt Meadows

Long-eared Owl, Delta

American Pipit, Delta

Wilson's Snipe, Richmond

Virginia Rail, Richmond
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