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New bird in my yard in North Saanich. Yellow face, turning brownish at top of head. Dark eye stripe, brown body. Warbler shape and beak, smaller than junco, larger than siskin. Perched eye level above flocks of siskins, house finches, juncos, sparrows, feeding on ground on black oil sunflower, in clearing amidst conifers. Any help appreciated, will keep camera handy in case of another visit.

Hi Rupert,

Hmmm, tough one.

My initial thought is a Palm Warbler. ... %20plumage

It loosely matches your description and it would be one of the rare possible warblers here at this time of year.

Another option may be America Goldfinch. ... %20plumage

Again, a loose match however I am guessing you would have mentioned the dark wings with white wing bars.

I will think about this as who knows, might be a uncommon bird for this time of year (but still a nice find) or might be something truly rare.

Good spotting!

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