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Received via email

My name’s Rob Bates and I work for the BC Parks Foundation. We are a non-profit organization with a vision of creating the best parks system in the world, right here in British Columbia. I’m reaching out as we urgently need support to protect one of BC’s most famous bird conservation locations.

Lonesome Lake

This historic property is a rare privately owned parcel in the middle of a globally significant wilderness area: southern Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, British Columbia


A special plot of land at Lonesome Lake is up for sale

The property is world famous because it is the site where trumpeter swans were brought back from the edge of extinction by an extraordinary man and his family. It is also a critical migration corridor for salmon, grizzly bears, and other wildlife. Read the full brochure


Our goal

We have secured an exclusive Purchase and Sale agreement with the vendor for $695,000. Over the first two weeks of the campaign we have raised over $185k, but we need help to close the gap before May 1st when our agreement will expire the land will once again be at risk. If the land falls into the wrong hands, any development here would be detrimental.

You can read more about the land and our campaign to protect it, here: ... some-lake/

We are reaching out to you, as bird and nature enthusiasts, to help spread awareness by sharing our campaign and help create a legacy for generations to come.

How you can help

We are asking that you please share our campaign with your members so that we can increase awareness of this critical cause. Some ways you can do this are:

Include a write-up in your member newsletter with a link to our website
Share one of our social media posts with your followers: facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin
Write a blog post (or we can write one for you!)
Email the attached brochure to your members

We are so close to reaching our goal, but we need your support to help spread awareness and bring us to the finish line.

Rob Bates
Communications & Marketing Manager

PO Box 51506 Park Royal, West Vancouver BC, V7T 2X9
p: 604.343.3975 x 3
m: 778-951-2273

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