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Great set James! Up to 71! The Lewis and Eastern Kingbird are rare here in Victoria so nice to have them represented. Still lots of great birds to film so keep them coming everyone!

List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

On my end I have been having trouble shooting photos but videos seem to be working. The birds I took footage of are fairly near my place so not a lot of running around.

Cheers and good birding,
There is already a Bald Eagle posting but I think this one is quite interesting as it shows the feeding of two chicks. Please delete if not wanted.
Shot on June 8, 2021 near Nanaimo. The adult is concentrating mostly on feeding the younger chick, but gives the older one some of the larger pieces and it steals some others. The adult stops to listen several times. I think it is listening to the mate nearby. No tripod. Will have to get one.
All good, thanks for sharing Bill. It is rare to get a good shot of eagles in the nest. The BAEA nests around Victoria are far away and high up, not much opportunity to get a decent look.

Cheers and good birding,

Great shot of the Eagles, Bill! Very nice ... Kevin, I hit a bonanza of videos over the last week. I have a few feeding birds as well. However, let's start with this House Wren I saw near Vernon, BC on Commonage Road.

Sorry for some of the focusing and commentary -- part of the process. Haha. Here's a Yellow-headed Blackbird from Salmon Arm, BC.

Next up are two videos of the Western Bluebird. First one is a male hunting for insects -- sorry for the long pause -- lost him for a couple of seconds. Second one is a young Bluebird waiting to be fed ... the mother shows up at the end -- you can tell she's coming because the baby bird's mouth opens. haha.

Here's another singing bird -- The Gray Catbird -- in Kalamalka Provincial Park near Vernon, BC.

This Cedar Waxwing in Salmon Arm wasn't singing ... but I didn't mind.

Next up -- a feeding Blue-winged Teal. Saw him in Salmon Arm ... couldn't quite get the female in the shot!

Here's a pair of Say's Phoebes -- an adult and a juvenile. On Commonage Road near Vernon, BC.

Next -- a beautiful Osprey taking a break on a branch ...

Driving up to Mara Meadows (near Larch Hills Nordic Ski Area) (near Salmon Arm, BC), we saw these Evening Grosbeaks feeding on ants as we turned onto Edgar Road. We had stopped on the road to video -- I was checking to make sure there were no other cars turning in behind us. haha.

Had the pleasure of observing a few Western Grebes in Salmon Arm -- try as I might, I didn't see any Clark's Grebes. Lol.

Peter Jannick Nature Park in Salmon Arm always delivers -- here is a Willow Flycatcher looking for some tasty bugs!

Although short and not so sweet -- you can see this Ruddy Duck making his distinctive move at Blair Pond, Kelowna, BC.

Finally, was fortunate to see a Common Yellowthroat sitting in tree looking for food. He sat there a good long while -- makes for a nice video! This was on the Raven Trail in Salmon Arm, BC.

Happy viewing! Will try to add more as I go along (and my wife continues to remind me to video. haha)
I was out again today for a Birding Hike and was able to film two more for our list! First, this Nashville Warbler:

I also was able to film this Lazuli Bunting calling away at the top of a tree.

Both in and around Beaver Lake Road, Lake Country, BC.
BirdingBC wrote: Jun 12 9:58 pm Wow, great set James! You have been busy! I will update the list soon. Congrats on the Nashville!
Cheers and good birding,
Thanks Kevin! I've had the opportunity lately to get out to a few hot spots--when my wife reminds me, I take videos. haha. I get so excited to see the bird, I forget! I was looking at the list and saw a few very common birds that I'll try to get a video of in the next couple of weeks (e.g., House Sparrow, etc). This has been a fun challenge. Thanks for setting it up!
Picked up two in the last two days.

Sandhill Crane

Observed on Panama Flats, Victoria BC. This one apparently has a motor!?

Orange-crowned Warbler

Filmed at Beckwith Park, Victoria BC. If you look closely, you can see the orange crest on this bird.

Cheers and good birding,
Good footage Bill. I was finding it very difficult to film a swainson's as they are often heard by rarely seen around here. I have updated the Spreadsheet.

Cheers and good birding,
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