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Lovely Black Swan, Judy! Great work, everyone ... I was able to get up to Mabel Lake this week and had a little bit of birding luck ... First bird I'll post is a lifer for me: Red-eyed Vireo! I actually saw a pair of them at the Shuswap Falls Recreation Site. (sorry I couldn't capture the pair, Judy!) This was a nice birding locale ... quite a variety here.
Chickadees, Warblers, Flickers on offer. Also saw this Western Tanager!

At Mabel Lake Provincial Park, we saw several Pileated Woodpeckers and heard several Swainson's Thrush. I waited patiently and was rewarded with this view of the Thrush!
Beautiful Red-eyed Vireo James...congrats. I hear Swainson's Thrush all the time out in the back greenspace, but rarely see them.
After several trips to Brydon Lagoon in Langley I finally saw the Green Heron. There's been at least 1 out there for about a month now but I never seemed to catch up with it. Actually I would have missed it this time too because it wasn't until I was leaving that I accidentally flushed it.

ImageGreen Heron by Jewill on Flickr
I love those Green Herons -- so beautiful! Nice shot, Judy. I was a little slow updating the list--otherwise, I would have seen that BillGyles already added the Swainson's Thrush. haha. Nice work on that one, BIll -- and I am counting the Northwestern Crow and Black Swan. It's our list. :)

We are up to 214 different species, so far. Really nice contributions by everyone. That Cassin's Vireo is new this year, as well, Zach. I have us with 4 new birds from our previous years ... We'll see how the rest of the year goes! There are 88 birds remaining on our list of birds we have seen the last two years ... If we capture all of those, we could (conceivably) make it to 302 for a total. Wow.

I haven't seen any of Ian's usual adds from the OK Falls area--hope to see his posts soon! Here's the updated list:
Happy Birding, everyone!
Nice one, Zach ... I saw three flycatchers near Salmon Arm this trip -- Willow, Hammond's, and this Dusky.

Of course, my primary reason for the trip was this Western Grebe ... all the other birds were bonuses!

I saw almost all the swallows -- Violet-Green, Tree, Barn, and this Cliff Swallow. I was only short on the Bank Swallow.

I know Leeny already posted the Common Yellowthroat ... but I couldn't pass up this photo. haha.

Happy Birding, everyone.
I was out on Beaver Lake Road near Lake Country today -- hiking from the High Rim Trailhead up to Wrinkly Face Provincial Park. We were on our way back and heard this little bird singing in the trees ... from first glance, I thought it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler. After closer look, I thought it was a Yellow Warbler. Then it moved to a better position and I definitely knew what it was--Orange-crowned Warbler!? Nope. It turned out to be a Nashville Warbler -- a lifer for me! Glad I am able to add it to our list! haha.



Happy Birding!
Here's a female/immature purple finch (after hitting the berries hard). Took me awhile to ID, since I'm pretty new to this, but that white eyebrow is distinct. Saw him from the viewing platform at Piper's Spit (Burnaby).
ImagePurple Finch by Leenyxa, on Flickr

James, those shots are gorgeous, I don't blame you one bit for posting your picture of the Yellowthroat!
Thanks Leeny! I made it up to Apex Mountain today to see if I could find a few Alpine birds ... the only one I saw (and captured on "film" lol) was this Cassin's Finch. Score.

With your Purple Finch, this completes the Trifecta. lol.
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