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I was trying to photograph a White-breasted Nuthatch and this guy showed up! Here's a close-up of a Red Crossbill ... Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna, BC (right near the caretaker's cottage).
Good captures Bill! Reminds me to go through my footage to see if I can add to the list. Have the camera each time I head out into the field but target birds not staying put for a decent capture. Lots of leaf, stick and blurry blob birds!

Red Necked Grebe. Blue Heron Beach, 8 Oct. This juvenile RNGr did not spend much time on the surface. It looks around before diving but does not seem to be looking into the water. Perhaps it is checking for gulls that would try to steal a catch. Just 50 meters or so away some gulls were diving onto Harlequin ducks as they surfaced. Blue Heron Beach is very busy with birds this year. Perhaps I am just paying more attention.
Slavonian/ Horned Grebes. I cut out lots of footage of me trying to find the grebes surfacing after they dive. When one grebe dives the other one always follows. I have seen that this is the case for groups of Harlequin ducks also. I wonder if this cooperative or competitive behaviour?
Short-eared Owl

Hard to spot in Victoria as few winter here and there are so many places they can hang out. We were fortunate to stumble across this short-earred owl and it was unexpected. Initally it was soaring high above (where you find raptures aloft) and continued to soar out of sight. Later in appearred out of know-where and flew right past us and it did a hunting run over the flooded field before it again flew away out of sight. Really cool to see.
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