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Nice work, Phainopepla and Zach! Way to push the noodle along! I spent some time this week in the Kootenays... was able to track down a few birds for our list:
White-winged Crossbill ... saw a small flock in McCleod Meadows Campground in Kootenay National Park:

Then, hiking up behind Paint Pots Trail (on the trail to Hermit Creek), we saw this American Three-toed Woodpecker:
Here's a close-up of his 3-toes. lol.
This was a lifer for me ... really cool. Another lifer for me on the same trail was this Boreal Chickadee. Kind of a sasquatch photo -- my lens was fogged up ...
It was a really good bird trip for me ... added several to my list for this year ...
phainopepla6 wrote: Sep 12 2:04 pm Hello everyone!
If you dont mind, can you please post the species that We DO NOT have yet.
Happy Birding
Hi Adam! Here is the list of birds we don't have (keep in mind, this is from our list of previously seen in past years -- always welcoming new additions! 40 birds on this list. lol):
Curlew, Long-billed
Duck, Tufted
Flycatcher, Ash-throated
Flycatcher, Least
Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray
Godwit, Bar-tailed
Godwit, Hudsonian
Golden-plover, American
Golden-plover, Pacific
Gull, Franklin's
Gull, Slaty-backed
Hawk, Northern Goshawk
Hummingbird, Black-chinned
Ibis, White-faced
Kingbird, Tropical
Lark, Horned
Longspur, Lapland
Loon, Red-throated
Mockingbird, Northern
Nuthatch, White-breasted
Owl, Northern Hawk Owl
Owl, Northern Saw-whet
Partridge, Gray
Redstart, American
Sandpiper, Buff-breasted
Sandpiper, Curlew
Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed
Sapsucker, Red-naped
Sparrow, Clay-colored
Sparrow, Harris's
Sparrow, Leconte's
Swallow, Bank
Swift, White-throated
Tattler, Wandering
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Common
Thrush, Dusky
Warbler, Cape May
Warbler, Tennessee

As a side note, here is the list of birds that KenW has added, but the photos don't show from his google account:
Egret, Great
Hummingbird, Ruby-throated
Owl, Northern Pygmy
Ptarmigan, White-tailed
Sparrow, Swamp
Warbler, Palm
Woodpecker, Acorn
It would be nice if we could get these pictures to show ... first, I'd like to see them. haha. Secondly, they would help our count!
With KenW's count, we have 279 birds (without his, we are at 271)! 18 new additions this year. in 2020, we hit 260 ... the year before 273. The goal I se this year was 290 ... so, if we can get Ken's pictures to show, we need 11 more! Without them, we need 19 more birds! We've got this! I can't believe I don't have the White-breasted Nuthatch yet ... seen plenty, just didn't have my camera ... also, looking for Ian to add the Northern Mockingbird! lol.

Excellent work by all contributors this year! Thanks, everyone!
Berdesdan wrote: Jan 26 8:00 am
stumblingpiper wrote: Jan 25 3:08 pm Ben, You're not kidding about challenging to count! Lol. That's actually a good idea for a challenge ... Maybe for February I'll put one out like that. For this photo, I looked at your image a little closer -- do you think you could crop it so you can see two or three of them together? It looks like you could and they'd still be in focus. Nice work on this one.
Here it is. A little grainy, but you can see the crossed bill on one of the males.
This one has some juveniles in it as well
Ben, I'm sneaking another Red Crossbill entry in on top of yours! I captured this guy today ...
Side view ...
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