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Nice ones, Judy and Zach! Here's a Killdeer to replace Dennis' missing picture ... maybe he'll get on and see they are missing! That Mockingbird picture is gorgeous, Zach.
For some reason, we have a few bird pictures not showing up ... however, with a couple of replacement pictures (thanks Zach and Judy) ... we are back up to 270 birds for the year! Wow! Here's a link to the "missing" birds (seen in previous years or this year but not showing up) ...


Awesome work so far this year! We've got one more month to bump our total up a little ... I think our biggest year so far was 273 ... so we are really close to that!
Happy Bird-looking,
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Northern Harrier

Thank you!

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For some reason, we have a few bird pictures not s[…]

We are currently at 270 birds for the year ... her[…]

Thanks Chantel. Hopefully with more and more publi[…]