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By oldisnew45
Now that I have my 8x42 binoculars where is a good place to watch Autumn migration?
I live downtown Vancouver and use transit. Any suggestions?
I appreciate all the help and support I have received from ya'll. It has made my reentry into birdwatching very pleasant and non stressful
By northvanrob
Stanley Park is a good place to start!
You have Lost Lagoon, and Beaver Lake!
Also you have the ocean, and once the Sea Ducks return, that's a great place to watch them from!
Plus it's closer to you!

Trout Lake gets many different birds during migration because it's like an oasis in a city!
Same with Queen Elizabeth Park!

Hastings Park Sanctuary is a pretty special place!
It's really good for Warbler migration!

Also you have Jericho Beach Park, which has so many different habitats!
Plus you can walk down to Spanish Banks!

Camosun Bog is really amazing!
You got Sundew a carnivorous plant a nearly sea level, which is pretty rare, as most are at higher elevations!
Also the birding is pretty good there!
same with Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

I hope this list of birding locations can help you out!

There's also other birding hotspots such as Maplewood Flats, Iona, Reifel and Boundary Bay, Blackie Spit, White Rock Pier

You can use this hotspot map to check other birding spots!
By oldisnew45
you are awesome! thank you. I defiantly want to check out the warbler migration. those birds facinate me.
Im going to write up a to do list with those places you named and get my friend to drive to the locations that are not transit friendly.
I will keep you posted on progress!
thank you

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