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Wow! Thanks Randy, Zach, and Ian for keeping up with the challenge. I've been a little out of the game this year while my wife recovered from major surgery. She's doing well ... next year should be good to go!

Beautiful shot of the Steller's Jay, Judy. Ian and Randy -- thanks for filling in some of the gaps. I missed on the Kestrel this year and the Bobolink, Turkey, Waterthrush, and a few of the Alpine Birds. As usual, Zach has been the mainstay!

So far, with about a week to go, we have 221 birds, with 57 bird pair.
I posted the updated list of birds we have :viewtopic.php?t=16840#p91562
Here's the birds we still need (here): viewtopic.php?p=91564#p91564

Hopefully everyone is having a safe Holiday season -- brrrrr ... it's been chilly here in the Okanagan! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few stragglers ...
I have taken a few clips of missing birds from my videos. You can't get videos from photos, but if anyone has a video the video challenge would appreciate it.
Tufted Duck at Duncan Sewage Lagoons - you have to go where the birds are.
ImageTufted Duck and Lesser Scaup

Evening Grossbeak near Ladysmith
ImageFemale Evening Grossbeak

Iceland Gull (Thayer's) Gull at French Creek Marina
ImageJuvenile Iceland Gull (Thayer's)

Short-Eared Owl at Nanaimo Estuary. There have been at least 3 SEOW at a time here this winter.
ImageShort-Eared Owl

Semi-Palmated Plover at French Creek Estuary.
Semi-Palmated Plover

Mute Swan at Cowichan Estuary
ImageMute Swan at Cowichan Estuary

Juvenile Hairy Woodpecker near Ladysmith
ImageJuvenile Hairy Woodpecker

Lesser Yellowlegs regurgitating a pellet of undigested material. French Creek Estuary.
ImageLesser Yellowlegs Expelling pellet

House Wren near Ladysmith
ImageHouse Wren
Great work this year, everyone! Thanks for the final pushes Rob and Bill! That brought our total birds up to 232! Here's a link to our final totals: viewtopic.php?p=91574#p91574

Male/Female was harder than I thought, but we ended up with 57 pair.
Here's a Wild Turkey from April I forgot to post ... fuzzy but real. haha. He/She was walking around Magic Estates in Kelowna, BC.


Although I was short on birds this year (due to misc circumstances), I was able to complete another birding challenge with my family -- an art project for October called "Birdtober."
Here is a copy of the ebook that came from that effort! :mrgreen: I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to our numbers from this year!
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I don't think we have a Whimbrel yet and although […]