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By JudithStone
I live in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver. My yard is very private, surrounded by cedars with several berry trees (Mountain Ash, Dogwood, Laurel, Holly). I have several feeders that attract the usual: Stellar's Jays, Juncos, several kinds of Sparrows, Chickadees, sometimes a Pileated Woodpecker couple, Sapsuckers, Robins, and a large flock of Varied Trushes. I always had Evening Grosbeaks until about five years ago, but no Evening Grosbeaks anymore. Does anyone have an idea of why?
By northvanrob
Hi Judith,

I have lived in North Vancouver all my life, I even worked in Edgemont Village at Kilby's Restaurant.

Evening Grosbeak are sadly in decline!

They have declined 50 percent since 1988 t0 2006, probably more so now!

But they are around here is spring more, though not guaranteed at a bird feeder!

Funny though, 2 were spotted today on the peak of Hollyburn Mountain!

But if they are around, make sure you have Sunflower seeds, a favorite food for them!
By JudithStone
Thank you for your kind reply northvanrob. I always have sunflower seeds mixed in with the other seeds. Grosbeaks are so pretty and I miss them.
Judith Stone
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