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Hi everyone,

Enclosed are two pics from a wildlife camera of birds on the southern slope of the Rocky Mountains in the Peace region.

The first 2 pics are of two different small bird species.

The next 3 pics are of a small owl (< 12"). I was wondering if it was either a northern saw-whet owl or a boreal owl?

Here's the link to Flickr: ... er13i0X7Sv

Hopefully someone can help identify the species. Thanks!!
The owl might be a Northern Saw-whet Owl, based on the head shape and hard to see feather shape in a black and white night vision picture. A fairly common western owl. Hard to judge regarding bird size without any visual references, could be a Barred Owl, but very difficult to make out any really specific identifying features.
Thanks for both replies. I believe you're correct regarding the northern saw-whet ID. The owl in the photo definitely isn't big enough for a Barrel owl. Again, thanks!!
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