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By jewill
Juvenile Bald, 2nd year I’d say. For me the easiest way to tell the difference is the size of the head and the beak projection. The Golden’s are both much smaller than the Bald’s. Also, if you can get a look at the legs, the Golden has feathers all the way down to the feet, where the Bald wears “wading pants” :mrgreen:.
Here is a link to OWL’s latest newsletter which has, among other things, a very good article (starting on page 9) about how to tell the difference. It still can be difficult though.
Thanks Judy. I read about the "feathers to the feet" distinguishing feature, but don't have a picture that clearly shows the legs/feet. Unless there is a flood of counter opinion, am going to go with your view. Glad I asked.
By StevenRoias
For the record, the second photo does show the leg feathering not extending to the feet. This is indeed an immature Bald Eagle. In addition to the details already listed, an immature Golden Eagle would possess a golden nape. There are several distinct features that distinguish the two species, AND body size/wing span is not one of them.
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