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Nice work this last month boosting numbers everyone! I was out of pocket for about a month ... my US Bird Pictures don't count. haha. Nice to have you back, Randy and "GreyingJay" ... :D

I was able to get out yesterday for a little bird-lookin' ... Munson Pond in Kelowna offered up a pair of Merlins, but we already had that one. haha. However, I noticed we didn't have a White-breasted Nuthatch, so I took a quick trip into Knox Mountain Park to find one.

I also stopped at Robert's Lake by the Landfill to see what was available ... we had a pair of transiting Red-Necked Phalaropes giving us a little show!

Our birds are definitely flocking here and some have already departed ... I'll keep working on the list!
Currently at 217 birds ... steady progress! Here's the list:
Try as I might, it has been difficult to get any turkeys this year. Also, people who live around Robert's Lake have been changing the landscape, putting in fill dirt, etc -- so the prime conditions for Avocets and Stilts wasn't there this year. They might have been around, but I didn't see them. I have one (or two) last chances for a Canyon Wren this week or next.
We had more woodpeckers/sapsuckers this year, but fewer owls.

(Ian - any chance for a Sage Thrasher or Rock Wren?)

Here's the list of birds still missing:
By jewill
I'm back...not that I went anywhere, I just haven't been out birding like I should have. Anyway, here's a slightly better pic (than the one I previously posted) of the Green Heron at Brydon Lagoon.

ImageGreen Heron by Jewill on Flickr

And a Gadwall couple (I only had the male last time)

ImageGadwall (Mr. & Mrs.) by Jewill on Flickr

I took the long walk out to the end of the Iona Park South Jetty yesterday for the morning light - found a flock of 350+ Western Sandpipers covering the rocks and driftwood out there, and on the other side, a lonely Surfbird on a rock. I notice the Surfbird isn't on the "found" list, - so here it is:
ImageSurfbird05 Sept17_2023 by GMcD2008, on Flickr
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