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ImageCleaning Day at Blackie Spit by R Varga, on Flickr

Not sure what came over me, because I hadn't done anything like this before, but earlier in the new year I went out to Blackie Spit, Surrey, one of my favorite birding spots. Armed with wheelbarrow and black garbage bags I spent about a half day walking the park and shoreline picking up bottles, drink cans, plastic of all sorts, paper, numerous disposable lighters, countless small bits and pieces of Styrofoam and three huge pieces you see in the photo. You might also see the desk chair in the photo. And I must give honorable mention to those dog owners who think "picking up after their dog" means scooping the poop up in a plastic bag, tying a neat knot, and then promptly tossing it into the nearest bush or tree. I ended up with three and a half garbage bags full, as well as the larger items. It was quite satisfying.
So here's the challenge: over the course of the year, why not post a photo and description of some clean up activity you've done, small or large, alone or with a group, in one of your favorite birding areas. I know that there must be lots of you out there who are doing things like this with much greater frequency than I. Would love to hear your stories.
Good on you Randy :D. I do try to pick up 1 piece of garbage when I’m out and about, especially plastic which will outlast us all, but not on the scale that you achieved. I have even stopped and scooped up poop and I don’t even have a dog! Brydon Lagoon is particularly bad for that.
It’s shameful how much litter there is and since most parks have at least one garbage can there’s no excuse for it.
Congratulations and thank you.
Good job Randy! I have gotten into the habit of packing out garbage since I was a wee tot fishing and hunting in the Alberta Foothills and later here in BC. Even in remote, what should be pristine wilderness, I still find and pack up human garbage.

My local bird-walks along the river and dykes of Richmond always provide me with opportunities to pick up stuff along the way and drop it into the conveniently placed garbage bins along the dykes. Funny how certain fast food franchise coffee cups (hockey player named, and Seattle based entities) are found dropped within 10 meters of a garbage can....Picture grumpy face emoji.

Don't even get me going on the dog owners that are either dyslexic or can't read the signs saying "Dogs must be leashed" while allowing Rover to run free along the river shore harrassing wildlife, and giving the Coyotes a thought bubble or two.
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