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GMcD wrote:Jewill- looks good for the Western Flycatcher - the teardrop eye ring, light yellowish caste to the belly. Western Wood Peewees are generally greyer and lack the eye ring. Good capture.
Thanks. It’s always good to get a 2nd opinion.
Great adds, everyone! I was able to capture a few for the list today .... a trip to Black Mountain Regional Park in Kelowna and a quick stop at Robert's Lake nabbed a few!
I saw several birds at Black Mountain to include a Bullock's Oriole, but I couldn't snap the photo fast enough. Here's a Lazuli Bunting to hold me over for now.

I was able to get a better photo of the Calliope Hummingbird ...

Although I spent a shorter time at Robert's Lake, I was able to add three to our list! Spotted Sandpiper ...

This Eared Grebe!

... and finally, this pair of Wilson's Phalaropes.

Happy Birding, everyone!
Finally a spare few hours this morning in a busy week to be able to get out for a walk at the park. Headed to Terra Nova Park in Richmond, and found a Warbling Vireo (at a bit of a distance) flitting around a fir tree. Add the Warbling Vireo to the list:

ImageWarbling Vireo by GMcD2008, on Flickr
The weather looked good today, nothing on the calendar, so after the morning chores were done, I decided to pay a visit to Iona Beach Park in Richmond for the afternoon. Quite a few Western Wood Peewees, heard a Willow Flycatcher (Fitz-bew) but did't see it, and the Osprey made the punctual 4:00PM visit to the pond. The Yellow Headed Blackbird was making the rounds in the parking lot and along the boardwalk and the Red Winged Blackbirds were very busy as well. Saw one and heard two calling Black Headed Grosbeaks, so musical! A few Wilson's Warblers flitting around along the east fence line behind the cottonwood stand.

The target I wanted to try to get was the Yellow Warbler, and there were quite a few, but busy and active. Like Kinglets, hard to get a decent photo as they move around and perch at the tops of the bushes. But I managed, so add the Yellow Warbler to the list:

ImageYellow Warbler by GMcD2008, on Flickr

ImageYellow Warbler by GMcD2008, on Flickr
A sunny morning with a light breeze and a morning session at the London's Landing pier provided an opportunity to watch a variety of swallows doing their airshow around the channel. I was practicing "birds in flight" using swallows as a test - fast, erratic flyers, good training (roll eyes). I had the good luck to spot some Cliff Swallows joining the airshow, and managed a shot, so we can add the Cliff Swallow to the list now:

ImageCliff Swallow by GMcD2008, on Flickr
zwest wrote: Jun 09 1:37 pm I got your Bullock's, James :P
And an Eastern Kingbird:
Lol. Darn it, Zach! Those are the two birds I was gonna add today!
Well ... I did get a few more to add.
First, down at the Oxbows in Osoyoos, I got this pair of Cinnamon Teals:

Also, this Say's Phoebe. I was surprised to see we didn't have this one yet:

I went over to Black Mountain Regional Park last week and was able to snap these two fuzzy shots. haha. At least they are identifiable! Here's a Common Nighthawk:

... and a Turkey Vulture:

As I usually say, if someone gets a better shot, please add it! In that vein, here are two better shots of the Lazuli Bunting and the Vesper Sparrow (also from Black Mountain):

Happy Bird Looking everyone!
Goodness, some amazing additions to our collection. I was checking in from a distance as I was in Ireland for three weeks with spouse, in May. While I regretting missing peak migration time here, I consoled myself with picking up a number of images of Ireland's birdlife. If you'd care to view them, here is the link. https://www.flickr.com/photos/newwestbirder/

In the meantime, let me contribute this local bird.

ImageAmerican Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) by Randy, on Flickr
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