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I have many more Anna's than I have heated feeders. Here's an emergency heater I set up which should theoretically handle most types of feeder [just don't use any heavy ones] It seems to be working well with just one 25W red party bulb, though any kind of low wattage bulb should work. The tray is an old mesh splash screen from my bacon frypan though once again any kind of METAL screen or perforated item should work! The 6" worklight is $15-20 from RONA!

ImageEHF1 by BirderBert, on Flickr
Prior to the recent cold snap we had a single male Anna's virtually living at our feeder. Since then he has vanished. He could have moved on but we are wondering if he perished. Has anybody else noted a decline in Anna's population with the cold?
a male Ruby-crowned Kinglet has been sharing the feeder with my anna's for 2 weeks. he pecks around the edges and flutters underneath for bits of sugar water. the anna's have accepted him now and occasionally, an Anna's and the Kinglet are on the feeder at the same time. they show up on my 9th floor at 7:47 am each morning.

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