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a first time poster
no background information from the poster
no information on the survey about who is doing this
asking for an email address

Suspect that this is just a work around to a commercial establishment trying to get an email list to bombard you will stuff later on.

I will take a past on this one.
Hi Conrad

Thanks for posting in response to my survey. I am a first timer for sure and it has taken a while to figure out how to work round the system, as I do not get on well with Tech.

Regarding e-mail, you are asked in the survey if you wish to be contacted and the vast majority have chosen not to give their e-mail address and that is fine.

I have been birding since I was 11 years, i do run my own business in nature based therapy, bushcraft and tracking and bird language courses. Please feel to check me out.

I believe I have had an idea and I am trying to find out if I am right.

I appreciate your feedback but it is nothing sinister as bombarding people with stuff as I cannot stand it myself, for real. I get really P%&@ed...

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask me any questions you like I will answer them were I can.

Hi Conrad

I am happy to share the results with those who take part no worries there. It is market research to be honest, I think I have found a gap in the market???

To know for sure research needs to be done to confirm this gap. Anyone who completes the survey will see that they are not asked for personal details. I removed this a while back. I felt I might get a better response.

If you would like the results having done the survey, please pm me or e-mail me and I will send you a pdf of the results so far.

my e-mail is: pathfinder777 at btinternet .com

Please do spread the word as I do think my idea is one that will benefit all of us.

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