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Jan 12-Island View Rd
9:15am-18 Trumpeter Swans flew honking into the field by Firbank Farms
1:13pm-12 Eurasian Collared Doves on the wire & evergreen by Redbarn house
-raven trying to bump mottled 3 yr Bald Eagle out of a tree top
11-12 noon, tried for the Mtn Bluebird at Saanichton Spit posts without luck. the female Northern Harrier flew low along the grass, a Bald Eagle landed in the douglas fir, wren in the grass, 100 wigeons feeding on the water/they left when the eagle arrived, Common Goldeneye on the water, great weather and Mt Baker looked amazing!
I did, thanks. took the bus out and walked it. you see so much more.
was waiting for the return bus on the upper side of Island View Rd at the Pat Bay Highway and got distracted by a RTHA that landed in a nearby tree, snapped a couple shots and that 72 bus, catching a green light down Island View Rd hill ahead of ferry traffic was speeding up like a yield sign and zoomed right past me. I noticed him and yelled "Hey!!" waving my blue Day Pass at him. He braked to a stop. The driver says "I thought you were a tourist just taking photos." "I wassss", says I, rather breathlessly after a little jog down the road, "just one more shot!"

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