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There are "no parking" signs along 72nd St by the turf farm, in the pullout and even down Churchill St. Apparently some residents were disturbed by the many people in the area looking at and photographing birds and there was some reported trespassing.

Tickets are being dealt to anyone parking by these signs, so just a heads up!

Hi Sue

You can legally park in the pullout at the south end of the turf farm when there is no construction going on. You can also legally park all along the road to the airport tower, which is the field directly across from the turf farm. You can also legally park at the dog park and the foot of 72nd.

Just wanted to let you know that signs are up at North 40 Dog Park that state Dog Walk Parking and Bylaw Officers were out at the parking lot saying they will be ticketing anyone who parks in the parking lot who does not have a dog with them. The only legal place to park now if you do not have, a dog with you is half way down Churchill St and you must then walk back. Apparently complaints were made because people and photographers who didn't have dogs were taking up parking spots for the dog owners at the off leash dog park. Seems a bit excessive.

On one hand I can see why they are doing this, but I'm sorry here if I'm out of line, but what did they expect after a big news story? Also this seems slightly counter-productive; because won't it cause more parking issues not less? Also I worry about the two sides clashing.. I don't know.. Just my thoughts.
I guess all the tour buses following up on the media stories who came to see the Eagles didn't help the situation on 72nd St or at the Dog Park. The Bylaw officer said this will be enforced now permanently at the dog park. Let's hope that when things quiet down with the Eagles they will remove the no parking signs on 72nd and you can park like you used to.

Very good to see logical and appropriate management by the local authority. While I never got down there during the crazy time, it sounds like bringing in these measures were completely appropriate due to boorish behaviour by many. It is frustrating that the well behaved got inconvenienced by the bad behaviour of some but it is hard to wee what else could have been done.

And now lifting the restrictions as things return to normal is a welcome, positive step that could so easily have been missed by Delta.

Good job.

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