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There is always something new to discover when you go out birding. A group of birders in Victoria went out around Oak Bay on Eagle Wings Tours and were blessed to a rare sight when a wolf came out and sat on a rock posing for them. They got fantastic photos you can see one and the story at the link below.

He's been on Discovery and the Chatham Islands since 2012 and this photo was taken in the Chatham Islands. ... 1.10221392

Ann Nightingale was there too and got incredible photos of this stunning creature.

The Discovery Islands wolf's name is Staqeya. He is 'protected' by the Aboriginal People. Friends kayaked out there July 2014, found a washed up crab trap they were poking at and the wolf came and stood on the top of the hill. they got a great shot of him on the skyline with the blue mountains behind. He came down to the beach to check them out. Those are nature's moments where you pause, the wolf pauses, all seems safe for both and you move on.

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