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By ogopogo
March 20_2018 we finally made it; the first day of Spring!
I've seen:
-Admirals Butterflies on the path to Swan Lake. (did you know they like to eat tree sap and bird droppings ahead of nectar?)
-birders sitting on the bench at Swan Lake with bins on warblers having a chat
-fuzzy black field spiders
-big black Bumblebees buzzing around my head
-a Dad bird trying to teach his offspring to sing: Dad trills a good one, baby sings one long middle C note, but with gusto!
-herons building nests
-a single ant on the sidewalk
and my sister phoned from Kelowna all excited to see her first Robin.

What symbolizes Spring where you are?
By jewill
Cherry Blossoms!
Other Spring flowers and the budding leaves on trees.
Birds diligently gathering nesting material.
Elaborate mating displays by some of the local ducks - Mergansers, Goldeneye, Mallards, to name just a few.
I’m with you Paul...I love Spring and Fall; I can do without Summer’s heat and Winter’s snow.
By jewill
I was just outside and thought of another: the drumming of woodpeckers.
There’s been some serious drilling going on out back the last few days so I’m thinking it’s probably the Pileated or maybe the Flickers making a new home.
Western Tanagers...maybe?

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