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By KenW
This November I will be meeting my daughter in Ecuador for about a 2-3 week stay. She is not a birder so I may arrive before her. This will be my first time there so I am looking for specific suggestions on birding sites. I see many lodges advertised online but prices seem to be way out of my league ( $400 USD/ night) I expect we'll be down in the Amazon, mountains and somewhere at slightly lower altitudes too.
We plan on a 6-7 night Galapagos tour. Any suggestions re: which islands. I see many trips are south island or north islands etc.

Any info will be gratefully appreciated
By Sam Salmon
I've only been there sportfishing not specifically birding but bird life of the Santa Elena peninsula was notable and easy to access via rental car from Guayaquil.
By riotambopata
Mindo must be on your list - a fabulous place only a couple of hours' drive (we used the local bus) from Quito but worlds apart for easy access to the cloud forest. Mindo has realized that its salvation is eco-tourism, so it is very much geared towards helping you see what you want to see. We stayed at the excellent El Monte Sustainable Lodge (it was cheap in 2010 but it probably isn't now...) and the very knowledgeable guide was included in the price. One of my favourite birding locations in the world (and we did 34 countries on that trip).
By SurlyBirdr

For what its worth, we used these guys, who are Ecuadorian and own a number of lodges.
We enjoyed our photo tour but only did a portion of what they offer tour-wise.
Could be worth checking out, i am cheap and this company had competitive rates.
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