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American/ Brown Creeper, Yellowpoint, Vancouver Island
I have been looking through footage from earlier in the year and found this video of two American Creepers in my back yard. It looks like at one point one of them feeds the other.
House Sparrow in Yellowpoint. Another one from the archives. Filmed July 12. This sparrow does not rely on humans for food, although he spent a lot of effort trying to claim a bird house.
zwest wrote: Nov 06 5:43 pm Nice work Kevin! Love those Surfbirds.

I noticed we still need Tropical Kingbird for the photo challenge, could you add a still from the video? :)
Following up with Zach's request for the Tropical Kingbird on our photo challenge! lol.
Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I have one and will add it soon. With all the rain, have not been taking many bird photos and camera has been collecting dust until next sunny weekend.

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