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stumblingpiper wrote: Apr 02 5:06 pm Hi Chuck,
I'm James! Thanks for contributing ... I hope you don't mind, but I was able to open your image, copy it to my Flickr account, and then embed it here. Very nice addition to our list!
Hey, thanks a lot stumblingpiper, much appreciated. I'm going to try again, looks like I may have just captured another not on the list.

I went up to Enderby and hiked the cliffs today ... saw some really nice birds ... a couple not on our list (I think)! lol.
The Ring-necked Pheasant ...
(I tried to get the female, Judy, but she scurried up under a bush and wouldn't come back out!

The Turkey Vulture ...
We were hiking back down from the cliffs and the late afternoon sun was creating thermals right in front of us ... I was able to capture the Vulture above and below us ...

Judy - I know you posted this one already, but I thought it was a nice photo of the Violet-Green Swallow.

Finally, Ben I know you posted the Golden-crowned Kinglet ... here's a couple of photos of it showing the color on its head!
stumblingpiper wrote: The Ring-necked Pheasant ...
(I tried to get the female, Judy, but she scurried up under a bush and wouldn't come back out!

Judy - I know you posted this one already, but I thought it was a nice photo of the Violet-Green Swallow.
I appreciate the effort to get the female pheasant James. They must be very shy because I sure don’t see many of them.
I didn’t really count my Violet-green Swallow because it was so out of focus. Yours is much better so I think that’s the “keeper” of the two. I’m still going to try for a shot that shows the back with both the green and the violet.
I really like your Turkey Vulture pictures and video (in the other thread). Another bird that I don’t see too often although they are by no means rare around here.
Now I just have to get out there and do some actual birding! :)
ChuckFeathers wrote: Apr 07 8:40 am Last try... American Goldfinch, female
Chuck! Don't give up! :D Here's the issue ... I think. Because, you're using Google Photos--the privacy settings are turned on by default; so even though you share the link, it won't share your photo publicly--we see a grey "do not enter" blank image. You see the image because it is automatically "shared" with you. I use "flickr <dot> com" -- It's a free account where I can upload and share the images. Maybe consider that? Meanwhile ... here's a male American Goldfinch to go along with your female! :mrgreen:
An early morning visit to Colony Farm brought some nice rewards today. First off, while already on the list, a nice male Mountain Bluebird to match up with the female up-list. :D Truth be told, there were about a dozen or so of them, so I got some nice group shots to add to my collection too. Best to brave the cold and show up early before the dogs and joggers scare them into seclusion...


Second, a genuine new addition, a Northern Shrike:


Not the best angle, but he was a bit shy and kept turning away (and these guys are pretty small!).
Beautiful! I have been waiting for the hummingbirds to return. I was so happy to see your photo! We are in lake country I was new to the group last year ! I hope they are here this week I’ve been waiting for them impatiently!
Lovely Mountain Bluebird Pkorner - they are such pretty birds.
I saw my first (of the year) Rufous Hummingbird at my patio feeder today. I couldn't get a picture because the resident Anna's male chased him off so fast.
I have 1 new addition to the list - at Blackie Spit today:

ImageSavannah Sparrow by Jewill on Flickr
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