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By Smithers

This one has me stumped. (I'm using David Bird's Birds of Western Canada 2nd Ed. and internet images; let me know if I should be using other resources.)

The bird was in the marshy ditch just inland of the Richmond dikes, about 1 km north of Point Garry around midday. I see a distinctive rufous(?) head pattern and no particularly distinct wing pattern. The head pattern seems similar, but not quite the same as American tree, Nelson's and Lincoln's sparrows and the these sparrows have distinct wing patterns. The head colours also seem off, at least for Nelson's sparrow.

What do you think?

By Smithers
Thanks! I see now that the overall colour, pattern near the eye, and streaks on the front seem to match, at least in some photos.

By jewill
You are most welcome!
I forgot to mention you may want to give the Merlin bird id app from Cornell labs a try. It’s free on the App Store (I think there’s an android version as well - no desktop though). You can upload your photo and Merlin will identify it for you, or at least try to. It gets it wrong sometimes but for the most part I would say it’s 95% accurate. It seems to be based on British bird names, eg, a Loon is called a Diver and Hawks are Buzzards (a few more I can’t think of) but just Google the name and you’ll figure it out.
Happy Birding!
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